The process of recruitment

A candidate, who has been proactively contacted by us, can expect the following steps:

  1. A written contact for a phone call arrangement. In the followed call our consultant briefly describes the position and the company that we are working for. Sometimes, at this stage, the information about the company is confidential. In the phone conversation we usually arrange a meeting.
  2. At the meeting in our office the potential candidate has the opportunity to hear details about the position and the company and to state his professional experience. The meetings are always conducted by our experienced consultants who have professional maturity to appreciate the professional.
  3. If the candidate is interested in the position and company-employer, he will send his/her CV to the consultant.
  4. It follows two or three meetings with representatives of the Employer. The number of meetings depends on the level of vacancy in the hierarchy also whether the approval is happening in Bulgaria or abroad. The timing of this process is between one and two months, that’s why it is good every candidate to have a little patience for it. The precise choice is beneficial for both sides.
  5. If a proposal was made, the candidate gets a written offer for a job with a description of the opportunities and the conditions (remuneration and other benefits).

If the Employer prefers another candidate, we always give feedback to all other candidates who took part in the project. Our intention is that contact not to be the only one and each participant to have access to other opportunities for career change.