Assessment center

Assessment & Development center is a complex method for evaluation of specific skills, professional competences and personal characteristics. This approach is applied mostly for evaluation of middle and top management level.

When applied to Assessment & development center?

  • In recruitment of key or managerial positions
  • The results of assessment center could be useful in promotions, succession planning, change and optimization of  the company structure
  • Assessment  practices could be applied to identify, attract and develop of talents as part of internship program
  • Assessment center is beneficial in identifying training needs and evaluation of effectiveness of training programs according to employees’ performance

What are the advantages of the method?

  • Assessment center is one of the most objective tools for monitoring and evaluation, as the evaluation is done by direct observation of actual behavior
  • Combine different methods and tools, using their potential and advantages according to the goal of the project
  • Simulate real professional situations, real organizational and interpersonal procession and thus leads to appearance of the authentic behavior of the participants
  • This method gives the opportunity for prognosticating future behavior of the participants, their potential reactions and actions in certain situations