The Equilibrium 7 is a program for improving the quality of life and work of the employees.

Equilibrium 7 includes the 7 dimensions of well-being:

  1. Harmonious communication
  2. Joy of work
  3. Completeness of emotions
  4. Peace of mind
  5. Green office and home
  6. Intellectual development
  7. Unity of body and spirit

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What is Equilibrium 7

Equilibrium 7 is an annual program of lectures and workshops for the employees. These events are devoted to each of the 7 dimensions of well-being. They are led by consultants and provide knowledge, advice and ideas for a better quality of life and work. The employer may choose different formats and terms:

- Short format (lecture within 1 hour and 30 minutes), which is suitable for larger audiences (over 10 people);

- Large format (workshop within 4 hours), which is suitable for smaller groups (up to 10 people);

- Coaching - Individual consultancy (each meeting continues 1 hour, the duration of the all sessions – between 3 and 10; it depends on the inquiry).


Benefits for the employees:

  - Increase of their information and awareness of each of these well-being;

  - Improving their quality of life and work;

  - Increase their commitment to the employing company.

  1. Welfare: Harmonious communication

This is the way we communicate in a harmonious and fulfilling way - with colleagues, relatives, friends and family members.


- Management of anger;

- The endless adventure "Parenting";

- How male and female communicate and manage at the work;

- How to say “NO”


  1. Welfare: Pleasure from work

This is the way we communicate with colleagues, plan our time and gain balance at the work-life field.


- Maintain the balance of work-life;

- Burn out and stress management;

- Perfectionism - how to deal with our strive to be perfect?

- Image and success - how to create a winning image for your own persona?

- The art of resting;  


  1. Welfare: Completeness of emotions

This is the way we deal with our own feelings and emotional states in order to be in balance with ourself and to be calm and confident personalities.


- Emotional intelligence at work;

- Adaptation to changes at work;

- The secret of happiness and well-being;

- Mistakes in our way of thinking;


  1. Welfare: Peace of mind

This is the way in which our personal beliefs and values contribute to our attitude towards the world.


- Methods of relaxation and creation of positive attitudes;


  1. Welfare: Green office and home

The eco welfare is the expression of our positive and friendly attitude towards the environment.


- How to become a "green" office?


  1. Welfare: Intellectual Development

Intellectual well-being contributes to our creative approach and thinking out-of-the-box. It helps us to be flexible and creative at work and at the personal life decisions.


- Brainstorming techniques for better decisions;

- How to think more effectively using mind maps?


  1. Welfare: Unity of body and spirit

Physical well-being is the conscious care for our body through a healthy lifestyle.


- The meal of the busy people or what the office person is hungry for?

- Holistic attitude towards the body (Body-Mind-Spirit);

- Psychosomatics - the mystery of the relationship between mind and body.